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"Chef Komoot is a treasure! I am blessed to be able to have her come to my home & cook for me once a week to stock me up with healthy meals while I go through cancer treatment. She is a consummate professional and I am delighted to report that her dishes are not only certifiably healthy, they are delicious and appealing - plus she's a delight to have in my home and life."----- Teri Watts, a personal chef client on healing from cancer program in San Francisco, CA

“Komoot, I’m incredibly happy with your food. You've got me so excited because I never believed that healthy food with low calories can be this flavorful and very satisfying. It’s so easy to get used to and love your cooking because everything tastes amazing! Your food also reminds me of being a kid when my mom used to cook for me. It's really refreshing to have meals with the ingredients you have been using because all of the services I have used in the past (and believe me, I used many) were so bland with a lot of dairy which I really dislike. More importantly, eating your food, I’m not struggling nor feeling deprived like other plans I had been on before, and I keep loosing the weight that I want to. Also, people remark on how healthy I look now, so I’m thinking I want to eat like this for the rest of my life.”----- G.C., a personal chef client on weight management program in Walnut Creek, CA

"Komoot - you should know that it took us more than an hour to eat dinner tonight (and last night) because we spent so much time sucking every last drop off the lamb bones. That dish is terrific! We also loved the side dishes--especially the quinoa dish with the pistachio nuts, the chard, and the carrot salad....everything, actually. And you know?...since you started cooking for us, every meal is like this nowadays!!! We are so happy that we have time to spend with our little one, and to just hang out, really - knowing that we have your very delicious and healthy food waiting for us at every meal. Thank you so much!"----- J & D, a couple with a new born, a personal chef client on new parents' & nursing program in Menlo Park, CA

"Komoot is so passionate about creating a mindfully spectacular culinary experience for her clients, I cannot recommend her highly enough. The thought and artistry she put into her cooking, the presentation and making it all effortless for me is a testament to her love for what she does."----- Sharon Eisenhauer--Owner/Designer--Haiku by Sharon Eisenhauer, Inc., a networking event catering client in Oakland, CA

"We had so many comments on how great the food was widely described as the 'best wedding food ever' by our guests. Thank you very much for such amazing presence and deliciousness."----- the Bride and Groom... "Wow! Can I have a copy of your menu, so I can brag to my friends when I go back to Ireland how good the food was at my daughter's wedding?"----- Mother of the Bride's... "This is unbelievable! I want you to know that I never wanted to hold on to my plate for some more (food) later at any weddings before. This is by far the 'best wedding food' I've ever had, and really nice presentation too! So, I wanted to make sure that you know that."----- One of the Guests --------- All at a wedding we catered in Oakland, CA

"Burke and I want to thank you for the wonderful mindful feast that you prepared for our wedding. Your service exceeded our expectations with a menu that was a delight to all the senses, visual, taste, feel – even hearing, with oohs and ahs. We enjoyed the many Asian themed dishes featuring organic, seasonal vegetables and fruits. The meal was exactly what I had envisioned. And the cost was a fit for our budget. Thank you once again. You are a fabulous chef!"----- Elizabeth Moore and Burke Zimmerman, a wedding party client in San Anselmo, CA

"Chef Komoot was the perfect caterer for our big event with the SIERRA CLUB. With short notice she created a beautiful, sustainable spread that also complimented the night's environmental theme. Not only was the food raved about by our audience, but The Mindful Feast put many thoughtful touches on the table decorations that showed their attention to detail."----- Tim Wagner--Founder & Executive Producer of OPEN SHOW, a special event catering client in San Francisco, CA

"The Mindful Feast (Chef Komoot) provided excellent service and food for my party this past August. The food was not only delicious, but beautiful, organic and healthy! To eat food that pleases the eye and nourishes the body is truly a gift to be shared with family and friends. Komoot brings her passion for food along with her warm personality, artistry and professionalism together in a wonderful way. I highly recommend The Mindful Feast, as would my guests as they raved about how wonderful the food was!"----- Michele Ross, a private event catering client in Bodega Bay, CA

"Wow! It's Divine! So beautiful and so delicious. It's Divine!"----- a guest at a wedding we catered in Berkeley, CA

"I feel very good after eating your food. I feel light, yet very satisfied. Your Asian creations are so different from the Asian food that I'm familiar with out there. I don't feel thirsty like I do when I eat other Asian food. And that tells me your food is very healthy but very delicious."------ a guest at a private dinner party we catered in San Francisco, CA

"Wow! Everything is sooooooooo good! We are so impressed! We're already planning what we're going to order from you again for our next movie night."----- New Resource Bank, a drop-off catering client in San Francisco, CA