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Empowering Treats with Loving Kindness

The Mindful Feast is a sustainable and *s.o.u.l.ful cooking company in San Francisco {*seasonal | organic | unprocessed | local}, offering services of personal-chef, private cooking classes and small event catering to clients who need empowering support in living mindful lifestyles of health and sustainability.

Hi, I'm Komoot, the founder and the chef. My specialty is what I call "empowering treats with loving kindness", a conscious blend of "humanely"-grown ingredients with healing medicinal nutrients from different cultures and flavors around the world that is prepared in a mindful manner that expresses loving-kindness and respect to your well-being and our planet.

Whatever your diet is:


Or therapeutic meal plans to fight:


I always prepare your foods to meet your preferences and your dietary specifications.

Ingredients are sustainable and organic where seasonally and locally available. All are always natural, non-GMO and unprocessed. And I purchase fair-trade whenever possible.



Komoot Ngaojutha

Certified Therapeutic Chef

Born and raised in Thailand, a land known as one of the world’s favorite food destinations, I grew up eating great food and loving what I ate. Through this exposure, I naturally became passionate about food and learned how to cook and appreciate delicious and nutritious food from a very young age using locally-grown fresh and natural ingredients, some from our own backyard.

Beside food, I’m also passionate about arts and design. Before becoming a trained chef, I pursued my passion in arts and obtained a Masters Degree in Interior Architecture from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, then worked for over 20 years as an interior designer. Thanks to my love of food, I chose to design only restaurants for 12 years of those years.

Like many other people, trying to pursue their careers, I made my life so busy that I didn’t have time to nurture myself properly, and relied on “processed food” more and more overtime. Sometimes, when life got tough, I even used food as a substitute for emotional fulfillment. For years, I had not been kind nor loving to myself! I let that happen to me to the point that my body said “enough is enough”! As intelligent as my body is (and everybody’s body), I got sick with chronic eczema and chronic exhaustion. As I continued to rely on “junk food” and suffered from eczema, I went to dermatologists, so that I could get antibiotics to relieve the symptoms--only to have to go back for more after a short while, for many years.

Finally, a blessing fell on my lap (as I see it) and the Universe ended that busy and unhealthy lifestyle for me. In 2008, while heading the design department at a restaurant design company, the economy declined, the company collapsed, and I was let go on the day before my birthday. I recognized how synchronistic that was, so I knew almost right away that it was a birthday gift for me. I just had to find out what that gift would be!

After a few months of “going inward” and processing all that happened, I rekindled my passion in food and cooking and the desire to go to culinary school that I long tucked deep inside. This time, I knew that it couldn’t just be for joy, instead, it must be for healing--my own healing. So, I chose Bauman College in Berkeley - a nationally recognized pioneer in Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts, and became a Certified Therapeutic Chef.

What I received from Bauman College was beyond my wildest dreams. Along with tremendous amount of valuable knowledge of cooking with “Eating for Health” approach, I discovered that the chronic eczema I had was one of the many symptoms of Candida, and I got myself tested to confirm that. I learned that, beside stress, the biggest part of what caused my condition was what I’d eaten for years: the processed junk food! Worst of all, the antibiotics that I used for treatment had made it worse! No wonder it only disappeared and came back but never got cured, instead, I had to go for more antibiotics time after time! First I felt so mad! Then, I got inspired when I learned that the cure can come from food--the whole natural food that I used to eat as a child! I really wanted to heal, and to heal using what I love the most: food and cooking. How encouraging!

I immediately started applying what I learned to myself. I changed my diet. I cooked for myself (and loved ones) again. Now, having been trained in holistic culinary, I explored different ingredients with healing properties for different illnesses. I sourced and used humanely, sustainably and organically grown whole ingredients. With those, I got creative and came up with many nutritious recipes that not only were “safe” for me, but also delicious and satisfying. I felt that this was more kind and loving, not only to myself and my body, but also to others such as farmers, food growers and the land. I loved every bit of this new way of eating. This was a lifestyle change for me, and it changed me. Best of all, that chronic eczema was gone and I gained more energy! I felt as if I’d found a new me! I'd found that birthday gift!!

Needless to say, I was so happy! As some of you may have already known that the modern-lifestyle illnesses that are so wide-spread for decades are all linked, be it candida, diabetes, cancer, just to name a few. So, in my own little world of hope, I want to believe that if I got my Candida under control, chances are I am preventing myself from those diseases, as well. So I just have to keep maintaining this kind & loving healthy way of eating.

As a therapeutic chef, after seeing the amazing results of applying “food as medicine” to my own health, I humbly felt so blessed and grateful that I wanted to share this “gift” of healing methods through food with others. I felt that this gift was too important to be kept only to myself. I'd found my new “assignment” which was to use food as a force for healing. I believed that if healing could happen for me through food, it could happen for others, it could happen for our community, our humanity and for our planet, and I desired that!

Therefore, that desire inspired me to change careers. In 2010, I launched The Mindful Feast {empowering treats with loving kindness™}, and it’s been a blessed healing path for me ever since!

And if you would allow me, I would be honored to cook for you, and humbly be part of your healthy lifestyle and have you walk your health & well-being path while I walk mine.